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Socialgist processes hundreds of millions of public social media posts per day to help market researchers understand consumer attitudes towards brands and products.

 To improve the relevance of our customers’ results we use Manticore Search as our data indexing solution, and Manticore Percolate Queries for real-time filtering of data in transit.

 The query syntax used by both products is powerful and easy to use, enabling our customers to perform complex filtering across multiple fields using conditional operators like word proximity search. 

Manticore works well with a variety of text tokenization tools and is easily scalable as our business grows. We’re excited about some of the new features including geo filtering and schemaless filtering that can allow our customers to write filtering criteria using any data attribute. It’s easy to configure each search index with its own operators best suited to each unique dataset. 

We’re getting great customer feedback from the products we deliver with Manticore and we’re excited to see what they add next.

Jay Krall

 VP Product , SocialGist



Personal and team training will maximize them performance. 

Custom development

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Free config review

There are often optimizations that can be made to a Sphinx / Manticore setup by changing some simple directives in the configuration or making quick changes to an index definition.

Some common mistakes and issues can include:

  • doing main+delta without kill-lists, even if the delta does include updated records found in the main
  • using wildcarding with very short prefix/infix which can hammer performance in some cases
  • disabled (unintentional) seamless rotates and getting stalls on index rotations
  • adding texts as string attributes even if they are not using for any kind of operation (filtering, grouping, sorting) or mandatory to be present in results
  • using deprecated settings 

Having a quick look on the configuration can show issues or potential issues, this is why we want to offer a gift to our growing community!

When uploading your configuration file, we recommend to remove any database credentials first.

We suggest also you give as many possible details about your setup: how big is the data you have, how typical queries look and what issues you experience.

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