Manticore Search is a feature-rich search engine that is blazing fast, reliable and scalable.  It is 100% open source project started as a fork of  Sphinx Search.

Manticore Software Ltd. is a company behind Manticore Search. Our mission is to build the best full-text search technology on the planet while listening to the community and providing best-in-class support for the users.


Advanced full-text search

Over 20 full-text operators, over 20 ranking factors, custom rankers that allow creating complex searchs

Distributed indexes with high availability

Indexes can spread across multiple servers with built-in load balacing and mirroring

MySQL friendly

Use your MySQL client for your database and your search index

Text highlighting

Powerful snippeting built-in with complex rules and blazing-fast speed on huge documents


Flexible geosearch and geometry functions

Drop in replacement for Sphinx

Manticore Search is based on Sphinx Search 2.3 and 100% compatible with

Advanced word tokenization

Synonyms, stopwords, exceptions, language lemmatizers and stemmers

Faceted search

Faceting on any attribute, no extra setup

Real-Time index

RT indexes allows updates be instant available for searching

CJK support

Base n-gram tokenization as well as Rosetta RLP integration for Asian languages

JSON attributes

Schemaless data can be used for filtering, grouping and sorting

UDF and plugins

Functionality can be extended with custom UDFs and tokenization plugins



One of our goals with Manticore Search is to have user community driven development roadmap. We are open for new feature suggestions and listen to all users. For that purpose we have formed the Manticore Steering Committee consisting of world-known experts and heaviest users of Manticore Search. Steering Commitee meets once a quarter to decide on the project roadmap.

Check back later for more information – we will announce the members of the Steering Committee and our roadmap soon.

Please contact us if you have suggestions for Manticore Search development.


Our team consists of people with years of expertise in the full-text search technologies. We are together on a mission to provide rapid and constant Manticore Search development and best possible support for our users.

Mindaugas Zukas – CEO

Sergey Nikolaev – CTO

Stanislav Klinov – Senior Core Developer

Ilya Kuznetsov – Senior Core Developer

Alexey Vinogradov – Senior Core Developer

Gloria Vinogradova – Duty officer

Adrian Nuta – Technical Account Manager


The Manticore Community provides user support for free through our discussion forum or slack channel.

All Manticore source code is hosted at Github, for bug reports  or feature requests use the Github issue tracker. For official documentation visit docs.manticoresearch.com.

Because many of us were involved directly in the Sphinx development over the years, we offer professional support for both Sphinx and Manticore. For more information check our Professional Support page.

Customer portal: https://support.manticoresearch.com.

For sponsored development requests, please contact us.