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Open source text search engine for big data and stream filtering

  • Filtering multi-language user generated data streams in real time
  • Indexing and searching over hundreds of terabytes of data
  • Search results grouping and faceting
  • High-quality search results ranking following best industry practices
  • Backend for search UI (eg. “Did you mean”, search phrase autocompletion, spelling correction etc.)

Rich search query syntax

Use lots of search operators and expressions to let your users find what they really need

Built-in SQL

The easiest and most intuitive way for designing queries which lets you learn the technology very fast


RT indexes allows updates be instant available for searching

Galera replication

Multi-master clustering for reverse search indexes

Powerful search ranking algorithm

Customize search ranking formula to promote things that really matter to your business


Find objects close to others easily with built-in radius/polygon search functions

Flexible custom morphology

When you need you can customize morphology on character-by-character level

Built-in JSON support

If you prefer JSON based DSL over HTTP, Manticore supports it

Incredibly efficient, high-throughput stream filtering and high-quality filtering capabilities


Built-in FACET operator lets you implement faceted search with just few lines of code

Built-in MySQL, Postgres and CSV support

Manticore Search can easily index from MySQL/Postgres/CSV/TSV out of the box. Just a matter of few lines in config file

ODBC and XMLpipe drivers for any data storage

Want to index data from other data storages? If it supports ODBC – not a problem at all. Xmlpipe driver covers everything else.

Tens of built-in functions and operators allow to do not only search, but analytic requests. We also support user-defined functions for any custom needs you may have

Built-in morphology support for most languages

In most cases you don’t need to think about search morphology at all

Works on any OS and in clouds

Works in Linux, Windows, OSX and in Docker

 To improve the relevance of our customers’ results we use Manticore Search as our data indexing solution, and Manticore Percolate Queries for real-time filtering of data in transit.  read more

Jay Krall

VP Product, SocialGist

We’ve chosen this product because of the high performance compared to alternatives, the ability to expand the functionality with help of udf-functions and the availability of SQL-like query more

Ivan Ivanov

Team leader, OWOX
We contacted Manticore’s free support on Slack with questions related to migrating form Sphinx search.
In 30 minutes we had the first reply, and a few days later our issue was resolved, and we now using Manticore search to perform over 5 billion queries every day. read more

Alexander Sørnes

Senior Developer, JMT Nordic

We opted to migrate to Manticore instead of upgrading Sphinx since Manticore is open source and better supported. We’re very happy with our decision. read more

Josh Maines

Buds Gun Shop

We were using Sphinx but lately was crashing quite often and as a result making our homepage completely broken … We now only have some quick performance drops, instead of a continuous failure read more

Trang Ho & Gilles Bedel

July 4, 2019

Migrating to Manticore 3: document ids

In this article we’re talking about document id data type change in Manticore Search 3.0.

June 11, 2019

Introduction to replication for percolate indexes

Starting with 2.8.2 a new major feature is available – replication for percolate indexes.

The replication is based on Galera library (also used by Percona’s mysql fork and MariaDB). We considered it would be better to use a tried and proven existing solution rather than inventing a bicycle and build it from the ground up which would have taken much longer.

June 5, 2019

MySQL source wasn’t initialized. Wrong name in dlopen?

In this article we talk about a frequent issue we are seeing when users try to import data from MySQL.