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Huispedia.nl is a rapidly expanding online real estate platform in the Netherlands, currently boasting over one million monthly visitors. Their mission is to increase transparency in the housing market by offering all the information and services necessary to assist individuals throughout their housing journey. Their platform includes access to over 8 million searchable houses in the Netherlands, including those not currently for sale.


Huispedia needed a fast and reliable search solution to index all their houses (more than 8 million) from a SQL based database so that users can quickly find any real estate according to their geo search criteria (e.g. gps-location, street, town or region) and any filters like house price, living area etc. Also updates on a house like an updated price or image should be (near) realtime available in the search results.

Ramon Noordeloos, CTO: “With Manticore we are able to deliver a powerful search solution to our users to find their real estate. Manticore provides many great features, high performance, and low (memory) resource consumption.”

Solutions and results

  • Real-Time indexing allows instant updates to be available for searching. So any new change to a real estate object becomes directly searchable.
  • Autocomplete or word completion, is a feature in which an application predicts the rest of a word a user is typing. So the user can type only 2 or 3 first letters of an address (street, city, or region) and be able to see different suggestions of locations.
  • Search results highlighting highlights all search pattern matches. When searching, it is often helpful to highlight all search hits which allows the user to quickly see all occurrences of their search input.
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