While Manticore is 100% open-source, we’re here to help if you need it!

  • ✅ Accelerate your start with Manticore products and save your team’s time to grow faster.
  • ✅ Ensure your team adheres to the best practices of using Manticore Search.
  • ✅ Have confidence that Manticore Search won’t become a bottleneck for your entire team when faced with a bug or a missing functionality.
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Subscription plans



Give it a try, and the community will lend a hand. The Manticore core team will also help when we have the time.



For situations that call for a quick response, advanced support, fast troubleshooting, and comprehensive consulting.

  • ✅ SLA response times
  • ✅ Technical Account Manager
  • ✅ Consulting on installation, configuration and migration to Manticore search
  • ✅ Consulting on data schema and data loading and searching queries
  • ✅ Consulting on performance tuning, search quality, HA and monitoring
  • ✅ Expedited bug fixing
  • ✅ Access to the knowledge base with curated list of topics on Manticore products
  • 👏 Funds Manticore open source projects



If you think you might need daily communication with us and want to ensure we can not only fix bugs but also add new features to Manticore products.

  • ⭐ All from the Standard plus:
  • ✅ Private dedicated chat
  • ✅ Feature engineering
  • ✅ Custom private branch maintenance

Feature engineering

Manticore core team engineers can develop new features for Manticore Search and ecosystem projects. Funding new open-source features helps customers address their own business challenges and improves Manticore Search for all users.

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Single-Time Audit and Consulting

Already using Manticore or Sphinx in production and want to ensure it’s configured correctly, working smoothly, and that nothing crucial is missing? Our Audit and Consulting service is designed just for you.


Install Manticore Search

Install Manticore Search