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Boardreader is a leading global social media content aggregation, provisioning and search provider.

Craigslist is an American classified advertisements website with sections devoted to jobs, housing, for sale, items wanted, services, community service, gigs, résumés, and discussion forums.

Socialgist secures and manages social data for the largest companies and largest brands in the world, so they don’t have to.

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PubChem is the group in  United States National Institutes of Health (NIH) and  the largest free chemical informatics web site in the world with detailed information for over 103M chemical compounds.

Users about us

"We’ve chosen this product because of the high performance compared to alternatives, the ability to expand the functionality with help of udf-functions and the availability of SQL-like query language."
"We opted to migrate to Manticore instead of upgrading Sphinx since Manticore is open source and better supported. We’re very happy with our decision."
"We contacted Manticore’s free support on Slack with questions related to migrating from Sphinx search. In 30 minutes we had the first reply, and a few days later our issue was resolved, and we now using Manticore search to perform over 5 billion queries every day."
“Thank you for your help to quickly work through the bug fix. I should have not have surprised at the excellence and prompt nature of the service after working with you last fall on our upgrade from Sphinx, but I didn’t expect the bug to be found, fixed, and the fix to be deployed (with instructions and testing for our specific use case) before I was back in the office the next day. Your professional support has reinforced the value of hiring the developers of specialized software. e!”
“We cannot achieve such success without the Sphinx/Manticore search engine! Thank you all for making such a powerful search engine!”
"Moving search engine for wine.co.za from Azure to Manticore - was just evaluating Manticore but based on this support I think we will definitely be moving here! Absolutely amazing service from Sergey - sorted out my problems quickly and effectively."
“We publish books in Chinese for an English-speaking audience and were looking for a way to tokenize Chinese text to create glossaries. We contacted Manticore, got an immediate response from their team, and had our problem solved a couple of days later. Awesome service and great products.”
Manticore is a solution that just unloaded our server. Very fast, flexible, excellent and quick support, which allows you to solve problems almost instantly. The only thing missing is Russian-language documentation.
“Manticore is a miracle. Just a beast, really! It's amazing that it's free. Thanks to you, my project has the opportunity to develop further. It doesn't make me any money yet, but requires a powerful server. I thought so until I tried Manticore. Where MySQL returns FTS search results in a minute, it returns them in a split second. Moreover, Manticore uses much less server resources. I'm just shocked that my 8 GBs of RAM was enough for me. Also, it greatly simplifies developer's life. I had to use my own PHP tokenizer before, including for the implementation of CJK search. This ugly hack is no longer needed. I always thought that if you won in something, you must definitely lose in something. In the case of Manticore, it doesn't work that way. Here you win literally in everything! Of course, there were difficulties too, and I haven't finished updating the codebase yet. But everything goes to success. This is just a small part of what should be said!”
Vlad Biley
"The offer of free support for installation and initial configuration and a free audit as a reaction to the download of the Manticore Search cheat sheet came very much as a surprise. But the exchange that actually happened was exceeding all my expectations. I never experienced this kind of support. It was a real effort to understand my problems and a genuine attempt to get me going. Surprisingly, Sergey Nikolaev didn't get tired of my questions. Without him I would have spent much more time to find out about my problem, which wasn't about Manticore or Sphinx at all but rather about faulty input data. Also I learned that Manticore is even much more powerful and mature than Sphinx with which I was totally happy so far. Therefore next I will make the transition from plain indices to rt indices, i.e. the transition from Sphinx to Manticore. I am very much impressed by what the Manticore team has created. Given their enthusiasm, expertise and support, there is nothing which can stop them. It feels good to know that there are great people building and promoting great software."
Karl Klepper
Сhief developer, VoxX E&B
We are one of the largest online stores in Ukraine and we use Manticore in our search. We ordered the Ukrainian lemmatizer, when testing it, we noticed a bug that was quickly corrected by the team. Also further Mnticore team helped us to speed up this lemmatizer with caching and implemented it again in shortest possible time. Many thanks for quick solutions.
Konstantin Gobelyak
Team Lead, Rozetka
Very, very, very fast full-text search for articles on the site and quick search in the admin panel. With stored fields it became possible to let Manticore alone not only search for, but store and retrieve articles without the need to go to a backend database at all.

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