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Layout International meets the growing technological needs in the market by providing highly customizable enterprise solutions. They serve more than 200 clients, supplying them with cutting-edge technology to improve the way they work. Their expertise in a vast array of industries and steady market growth has been acknowledged by the most prestigious companies. Including a content management system for publishing news easily, a digital asset management solution, a talent management system, and a job tracking system. Among their users are Times of Oman, Sport360 Dubai, and SunStar.


A high loaded project with more than 10 million multi-language documents and 150 million pageviews which needed a solution that allowed users to search data in a product that archives and allows clients to manage and edit a large amount of data fast and easily.

Their documents are not simple plain texts but contain all kinds of metadata that needed to be searchable.

Their data comes from many languages, like Arabic, being able to search in any of them was important for them

Solutions and results

  • Custom text tokenization - allows to tweak searching for specific requirements, particularly dealing with texts coming from unsegmented languages and right-to-left writing, which represents a large portion of the client’s data.
  • JSON support, which they use to encapsulate schemaless data. This way their tools can handle different types of content with little customization.
  • Single server running Manticore Search without any performance issues.

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Install Manticore Search