Manticore Search 3.0.2 GA release

We are pleased to announce the release of Manticore Search 3.0.2. Downloads are available here and from the Manticore Github page. Docker image is available at Docker Hub.


Doclists and hitlists components can be also accessed using memory-mapping (like attributes are) instead of seek+read. Choosing the access mode can be made with access_doclists and access_hitlists directives.

New directives access_plain_attrs and access_blob_attrs replace the functionality provided by ondisk_attrs and mlock. The new directives allow more scenarios of how types of attributes can be loaded and locked or not in the memory.

The access_* directives can be set globally in searchd section of configuration or per index in index configuration section. For more details about the new access directives check Accessing index files.

New directive server_id used as seed for node UUID inside a replication cluster.

/sql HTTP response is not the same as /json/search response.


/search endpoint was removed .


ondisk_attrs, ondisk_attrs_default, mlock are marked as deprecated as their functionality is  replaced by access_* directives.


A number of fixes are included in this release, to highlight a few:

  • 055586a9 fixes #187 crash when using query with SENTENCE
  • 93bf52f2  fixes #143 support () around MATCH()
  • 5802b85a fixes #196 Filtering by document ID and NOT IN (..) intermittently returns incorrect results

For a full report please consult the Release note.

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