Introduction to full-text operators and basic search

In this tutorial, we will explore full-text search operators available in Manticore Search. Introduction to full-text operators and basic search All search operations in Manticore Search are based on standard boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) possible to be used in combination and free order to combine or exclude keywords in a search for more relevant Read more about Introduction to full-text operators and basic search[…]

How to highlight search results

In this tutorial you will learn how to highlight search results in Manticore Search. You can benefit from search results highlighting if you want to improve readability of search results in your application or a web site. Highlighting allows you to get snippets of search results with matching keywords highlighted. It helps to improve your application’s Read more about How to highlight search results[…]

Simple autocomplete with Manticore

This article describes one of the ways to do word completion in Manticore Search. What is Autocomplete? Autocomplete (or word completion) is a feature which allows an application to predict the rest of a word while a user is typing it. How it usually works is: the user starts typing a word in the search Read more about Simple autocomplete with Manticore[…]

Manticore Search Indexes and document storage

Starting from v 3.2.0 Manticore Search introduced a new feature - Document Storage.

Historically Manticore Search was a text search engine which indexes texts but doesn't keep the originals. A text is processed, transforming it from a plain string into special structures that form the full-text index, which allows fast text searching. In the result set, the user wasn't receiving the original text, as recomposing it from the full-text index can be a complex process. In addition, indexation settings may include clauses that stop certain words from being indexed (like minimum word length or stopwords) which can make the reconstruction impossible.