Elasticsearch eats too much resources?

Sounds familiar, huh?

Powerful Log Search Analytics should be more Cost Effective

5x lower
RAM usage


3x more
Cost Effective

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Manticore Search v4 will replace ElasticSearch in the ELK stack
& Processing
& Storage
Analysis &
Basic Features

Powerful and fast

Thousands of queries per second with
sub-second response time against
billions of documents collections

Rich search query syntax and native SQL support

Use familiar SQL syntax with lots of search operators and expressions as the easiest and most intuitive way for designing log analytics queries

Works everywhere

Run on premise or in any cloud in
Windows, Linux or MacOS

RAM usage cost comparison
Manticore Elasticsearch
EC2 1 x M5dn.16xlarge 16 x M4.4xlarge
vCPU/RAM 64 cores /256Gib 16 cores/64Gib
Monthly price $ 3 236 $ 9 520
Yearly price $ 38 836 $ 114 241

In many cases your ELK cluster is memory-bound and you have to pay for a large amount of RAM so that Elasticsearch can fit into it and provide decent search performance.

Imagine you could cut your AWS/GCP/Azure bill by 80% by significantly reducing the number of compute units while keeping the same performance.

Manticore Search v4 provides 5x lower RAM consumption and has no restriction on the maximum amount of memory it can allocate which allows you to run a bigger logs index on a single server with larger amount of memory which is more cost-efficient.

Manticore Software Team

At Manticore there are three things we all have in common: reliability, flexibility and love for highly optimized search solutions. Manticore Search is not a new product. It was born in 2017 as a fork of Sphinx Search (which is 10 years older than Elasticsearach) by a number of former Sphinx employees and then existing Sphinx customers with a passion for more active development and better support. So we took the best from Sphinx (C++ core), added some magic and made Manticore Search lightweight & extremely Fast full-text search engine with its own community and highly professional development and support team.

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Personal and team training will maximize them performance. 

Custom development

Need cone custom or individual features?

Fill the form and don’t forget to make the description of what you need.

Free config review

There are often optimizations that can be made to a Sphinx / Manticore setup by changing some simple directives in the configuration or making quick changes to an index definition.

Some common mistakes and issues can include:

  • doing main+delta without kill-lists, even if the delta does include updated records found in the main
  • using wildcarding with very short prefix/infix which can hammer performance in some cases
  • disabled (unintentional) seamless rotates and getting stalls on index rotations
  • adding texts as string attributes even if they are not using for any kind of operation (filtering, grouping, sorting) or mandatory to be present in results
  • using deprecated settings¬†

Having a quick look on the configuration can show issues or potential issues, this is why we want to offer a gift to our growing community!

When uploading your configuration file, we recommend to remove any database credentials first.

We suggest also you give as many possible details about your setup: how big is the data you have, how typical queries look and what issues you experience.

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