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Layout International

About Layout International

Layout international products include a content management system for publishing news easily, a digital asset management solution, a talent management system and job tracking system. Among their users are Times of Oman, Sport360 Dubai and SunStar.

The challenge

We have archiving solutions and editorial systems managing a large amount of data.

We needed a solution that allowed to search this data easy and fast.  Our documents are not simple plain texts, but contain all kind of metadata that needed to be searchable.  Our data comes from many languages, like Arabic, being able to search in any of them was important for us.

Why Manticore?

Manticore Search is easy to use and very robust. Fine tuning the tokenization of text allow us to tweak searching for specific requirements, particularly dealing with texts coming from unsegmented languages and right-to-left writing, which represent a large portion of our data.  Another helpful feature is the JSON support, which we use to encapsulate schemaless data. This way our tools can handle different types of content with little customization. 


We have news websites with over 10 million records and 150  million page views. All the searches are handled by a single server running Manticore Search without any performance issues. 

Jean-Michel Habis, CEO

Layout International