Suggestions on phrases using a single SUGGEST call

In this article we discuss how a single CALL QSUGGEST can be used to correct phrases in particular cases.

CALL QSUGGEST was introduced in the last version of Sphinx 2.x. The statement allows finding close matches of an input word from the dictionary of an index with infixing enabled. The most common use case for this feature is implementing a "Did you mean ...?" functionality.

Before the introduction of QSUGGEST […]

Plain indexes replication

Manticore Search (as well as Sphinx) doesn’t yet support replication for plain or RT indexes out of the box (although we’re working on this, if you want to be a beta tester let us know at, so you have to implement it by yourself if you need to have a copy of your Manticore Search Читать больше проPlain indexes replication[…]

Minimal configuration to play with Manticore Search

If you want to start learning Manticore Search plain indexes or see how some its feature works the following simplest Manticoresearch configuration might be useful: It contains almost nothing, but only the things Manticoresearch cannot work without. Those are: Section “source” to fetch data from mysql. In this case we don’t even fetch real data from Читать больше проMinimal configuration to play with Manticore Search[…]

Fuzzy matching and 2nd pass query

Many customers that we have helped with integrating search into their applications wanted their search to be more intelligent than just strictly matching a query with documents. There are many ways to do this. Manticoresearch makes it very easy, as fuzzy matching is included out of the box. It consists of three main components: 1. Quorum Читать больше проFuzzy matching and 2nd pass query[…]

Announcing Manticore Search – a Feature-Rich Open Source Full-Text Search Engine

Manticore Search is a new open source project to advance full-text search technology. Manticore Search is a fork of Sphinx Search. We love Sphinx technology, unfortunately there was a long interruption in development and discontinued support operations since late 2016, making us and many other heavy Sphinx users concerned about the future of Sphinx technology. Forking Читать больше проAnnouncing Manticore Search – a Feature-Rich Open Source Full-Text Search Engine[…]