Manticore Search in the ROSS Index Q3 2023

We are excited to bring you some fantastic news! Manticore Search has made it to the Runa Open Source Startup (ROSS) Index for Q3 2023, a platform that has been showcasing the growth of open-source startups since 2020. This inclusion reflects our significant growth and the vibrant activity around our project on GitHub.

The ROSS Index is a unique benchmark created by Runa Capital, showcasing open-source startups based on their annualized growth rate (AGR) of GitHub stars. Making it onto this list is a moment of pride for us, as it underlines the strong interest and support we’ve garnered from developers and users around the world.

2023 has been a banner year for Manticore Search. We’ve grown more than 4 times, improved our technology, and deepened our connection with our user community. This wouldn’t have been possible without you — our dedicated users and contributors who have invested time and effort into making Manticore Search better.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to every single one of you. Your trust in our product, your valuable feedback, and your contributions have been instrumental in our growth and success. Manticore Search is a community-driven project, and this achievement belongs to all of us. Thank you for being an integral part of Manticore Search. Here’s to continuing our journey of success and innovation together!

Warm regards,
The Manticore Search Team

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