Manticore Search 3.5.4: Python, Java and Javascript clients and faster OPTIMIZE

We are pleased to announce Manticore Search 3.5.4 is out, this is our 6th and final release of 2020.


If you use Manticore Search real-time indexes you know that there’s command OPTIMIZE INDEX which does index compaction. Manticore 3.5.4 introduces automatic drop of a disk chunk in a real-time index when OPTIMIZing a real-time index when the chunk is obviously not needed any more (all the documents are suppressed). Previously it still required merging, now the chunk can be just dropped instantly. This is useful in case you maintain retention in your index and delete older documents regularly. Now compacting such indexes will be faster.

👷 Work in progress: fully automated index compaction which you won’t have to run externally at all!

Python, Java and Javascript clients

We are releasing new Python, Java and Javascript clients. Our manual now has a lot of code examples for them as long as for the new PHP client we released previously.

Fixed bugs

Manticore 3.5.4 includes 10 bug fixes. Check if any of them looks familiar to you and upgrade!

Read about more changes happened in 3.5.4 in Manticore Manual and stay tuned!

Sincerely yours,
Manticore team

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