Manticore Search 3.1.0 release

We are pleased to announce the release of Manticore Search 3.1.0. Downloads are available here and from the Manticore Github page. Docker image is available at Docker Hub.

New features

  • Replication is now available for RealTime indexes and works in the same way as for percolate indexes.
  • Now INSERT / REPLACE / DELETE and UPDATE statements can be used on replicated RT indexes. ALTER and ATTACH statements support will be added in future releases and OPTIMIZE only perform the optimization locally.
  • Replication now supports multiple statement transactions, previously only single statement commits were available.
  • Introduced a new morphology processor based on open-source ICU library. Currently only Chinese is supported. The Chinese ICU processor is replacing the non-open source RLP processor.


  • We made internal refactoring on waking up of threads responsible for different jobs (like flushing). The new changes should result in lower idle CPU usage.
  • New directive ‘icu_data_dir’ is available for specifying the ICU files when ICU is manually compiled.
  • Introduced LAST_INSERT_ID() function that returns the last modified document id in current session. Alternative, variable @@session.last_insert_id can also return the last modified document id.
  • SHOW VARIABLES statement support LIKE 'pattern' clause.
  • For percolate indexes, INSERT can now accept multiple stored query documents, before INSERT accepted only one stored query document per statement.
  • Configuration directives that express time can accept string time expressions. For example rt_flush_period = 3600 can be rewritten as rt_flush_period = 60m or rt_flush_period = 1h.
  • Doc and hit lists can be mlocked by access_doclists and access_hitlists directives using new ‘mlock’ value.
  • Snippet paths are now jailed inside the scope of snippets_file_prefix even if paths are relative.


  • Support for RLP processor dropped. All rlp_* configuration directives removed.
  • UPDATE statements don’t support anymore updating the value of document IDs.


A number of fixes are included in this release, to highlight a few:

  • 58dcbb77 fixes #246 undefined sigmask in indexer
  • 44757711 fixes hash of clusters lock in replication
  • f0472223 fix defects in concat and group_concat

For a full report please consult the Release note.

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