Manticore Search 2.6.1 GA release

We are pleased to announce the release of Manticore Search 2.6.1 GA.

Prebuilt packages available for Debian,Ubuntu, Red Hat/CentOS, Windows and OSX can be downloaded from here. For Docker image check official repository.

Improvements and changes

HTTP JSON API has new endpoint /json/pq for Percolate Queries.

The directive agent_retry_count behaviour has changed in case of agents with mirrors, as now agent_retry_count defines number of retries per mirror and the total number of retries per agent is agent_retry_count*mirrors. The number of retries per mirror will depend on the ha_strategy.

It is also possible now to have agent_retry_count ( and the alias mirror_retry_count ) defined in index configuration.

In the definition of an agent, you can also now specify to have a custom retry_count, as retries per agent (even for agents with mirrors).

Official docker images are now provided at

A number of bugs have been fixed in this release, for a full report please consult the Release note.

Install Manticore Search

Install Manticore Search