Manticore Search 2.6.0 release

We are pleased to announce the release of Manticore Search 2.6.0.

Prebuilt packages available for Debian,Ubuntu, Red Hat/CentOS, Windows and OSX can be downloaded from here.

Percolate Queries

This release introduces the feature known as percolate queries, prospective search or search in reverse. As opposed to normal workflow where documents are stored in an index and queries are run against it, this technique allows persistent storing queries and test if documents match against them. The queries are stored in a new index type - percolate - similar to a RealTime index and a new command CALL PQ can be used to test if a document or batch of documents match the stored queries.


HTTP JSON queries can now do equality on attributes, MVA and JSON attributes can be used in inserts and updates. Updates and deletes via JSON API can be performed on distributed indexes.

A new index directive morphology_skip_fields allows defining a list of fields for which morphology does not apply.

expand_keywords can now be a query runtime directive set using the OPTION statement.


As previously announced, this release removes the support for 32bit docids. Upgrading indexes with 32bit docids requires a full reindexing.


In this release we’ve changed internal protocol used by masters and agents to speak with each other. In case you run Manticoresearch in a distributed environment with multiple instances make sure your first upgrade agents, then the masters.

For a full report of changes please consult the Release note .

Install Manticore Search

Install Manticore Search