Manticore 3.5.0: new multitasking mode, 50+ bugfixes, new manual, APT repo and more

Long time no see. This release took us so long, more than 3 months of hard work, but finally it’s here. And we have lots of cool things to announce.

First of all, we have fixed 50+ bugs and crashes.

Secondly, we are changing Manticore multitasking mode from threads to coroutines. This required global refactoring of the code, but what we have in the end is:

  • much simpler code which decreases a chance to make a mistake and makes it easier to contribute into the code
  • simpler configuration:
  • no more different workers modes as the new one should be most optimal giving the lowest overhead.
  • no dist_threads - eliminates threads overuse and makes things simpler, Manticore will just run your query as much in parallel as possible.
  • optimized threads memory consumption
  • makes queries much faster in many cases as Manticore can now utilize your multi-core CPUs much more efficiently even if you forget to do it yourself (by e.g. using dist_threads which is now obsolete too).

Third, we have made a new Manticore manual with:

  • brand new structure and appearance
  • search based on Manticore Search with autocomplete
  • easier to use code examples
  • shortcut so you can easily look up how this or that setting works
  • markdown format so you can help with editing it on Github
  • and many other cool things

Fourth, we’ve improved our distribution processes and tools:

  • There’s now an official APT repository which you can use for easier installation and updates in Ubuntu and Debian (via just apt install manticore).
  • Added automatic building development packages for all versions. As long as each new commit passes automated tests it instantly gets packaged and becomes available for installation and use on
  • Added development APT/YUM repositories. If you can’t wait until the next release and want to update Manticore on a daily basis you can now easily do it if you use the development APT/YUM repositories.

There are also many other cool things:

Please consult the full changelog in the new manual -, just to mention few most interesting:

  • Ubuntu Focal support
  • The same port can now be used for http, https and binary API. Manticore detects automatically a type of the client trying to connect to it except for MySQL (due to restrictions of the protocol). CAUTION: there’s a known issue about integration with SphinxSE.
  • In RT mode a field can now be text and string attribute at the same time (just like rt_field_string in plain mode).
  • You can now highlight string attributes.
  • Replication can now replicate external files (stopwords, exceptions etc.).
  • We’ve added support for mysql client status command.
  • Mysql interface now also supports encryption
  • Filter operator in is now available via HTTP JSON interface.
  • expressions in HTTP JSON

Official PHP Client v1.3

  • v1.3 and v1.4 are out with more than 20 enhancements altogether
  • We want to thank Gordon Anderson for his huge contribution into the client. Thank you, Gordon!

Community Laravel client

Recently @EvilFreelancer started working on Laravel ManticoreSearch plugin. Thank you for your contribution into the Project, Pavel!

Stay tuned! We are working on something really big and the next releases will be even more awesome.

Sincerely yours,
Manticore team

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Install Manticore Search