Elasticsearch -> Manticore Search data migration tool

Let us introduce a new tool that can help you migrate your data from Elasticsearch to Manticore Search - .

This tool automates copying data from Elasticsearch to Manticore Search


  1. Elasticsearch dump tool :
  2. Elasticsearch and Manticore PHP clients


composer update


Migrate all indexes:

php migrator.php

Migrate certain indexes:

php migrator.php --elasticsearch.port=9200 --indexes=index1,index2


  • indexes - list of ES index names, separated by comma. Default: migrate all indexes available
  • dryrun - perform a dry run without migrating anything. It prints information about available ES indexes
  • onlyschemas - only create the index(es), no data migration
  • onlydata - migrate the data, assume indexes are already created
  • - ES host, default:
  • elasticsearch.port - ES port, default: 92000
  • elasticsearch.user - ES username, no default
  • elasticsearch.pass - ES password, no default
  • elasticsearch.batch_size - How many ES documents to retrieve per round (default 10000)
  • - Manticore host, default:
  • manticoresearch.port - Manticore HTTP port, default: 9308
  • manticoresearch.batch_size - How many documents to group in a single INSERT batch in Manticore (default 10000)
  • limit - limit the number of documents from an index for migration (default 0 - migrate all )
  • threads - use multiple parallel workers to process the indexes (each worker process one index at a time), default is 1
  • types.* - allows overriding settings for a data type ( see Data type tranformation)
  • log- log file path; default is ‘stdout’ - output to console
  • config - read parameters from a config file in json format

Parameters read from a config file can be overridden by values provided as command line arguments

php migrator.php  --config config.sample.json --threads=2


Install Manticore Search

Install Manticore Search