Announcing Manticore Search – a Feature-Rich Open Source Full-Text Search Engine

Manticore Search is a new open source project to advance full-text search technology.

Manticore Search is a fork of Sphinx Search. We love Sphinx technology, unfortunately there was a long interruption in development and discontinued support operations since late 2016, making us and many other heavy Sphinx users concerned about the future of Sphinx technology. Forking Sphinx was our solution to this situation.

Our mission is to build the best full-text search engine on the planet while listening to the user community and providing best-in-class technical support.

At Manticore we have a strong team behind the project with a long-term plan to continue active development of the search engine at the same time providing best 24x7 technical support services.

We also want project development to be user community driven. We have formed the Manticore Steering Committee consisting of world-known experts and heaviest users of the technology to make better decisions on the project roadmap.

Please check our website, follow our twitter @manticoresearch and subscribe to the newsletter for more information and updates soon.

Install Manticore Search

Install Manticore Search