Manticore 3.5.0: new multitasking mode, 50+ bugfixes, new manual, APT repo and more

Long time no see. This release took us so long, more than 3 months of hard work, but finally it’s here. And we have lots of cool things to announce. First of all, we have fixed 50+ bugs and crashes. Secondly, we are changing Manticore multitasking mode from threads to coroutines. This required global refactoring Read more about Manticore 3.5.0: new multitasking mode, 50+ bugfixes, new manual, APT repo and more[…]

TF-IDF in a nutshell

luhnBack in 1958 Hans Peter Luhn assumed in his paper "The Automatic Creation of Literature Abstracts" that "the frequency of word occurrence in an article furnishes a useful measurement of word significance" which is until now probably one of the most significant things in the Information Retrieval science and is used in all well known big and small search engines starting from Google and Yahoo to custom search solutions such as ElasticSearch and Manticore Search. […]

Manticore 2.7.5 vs Sphinx 3.1.1

Hi Here we benchmarked Sphinx 3.0.2 vs Manticore 2.6.2. This was 8 months ago and both Manticore and Sphinx changed since then. As it's said in Sphinx 3.0.3 announcement Sphinx 3.0.3 is up to 2x faster compared to 3.0.2, so it's interesting to do another benchmark. This time let's test on a real dataset - Hacker News comments. The benchmark was conducted with the following conditions: […]

Sphinx UDF example

Hi Many databases and search engines allow you to customize your queries using your own so called "user defined functions" or UDF. Sphinx and Manticore are not exceptions. There's a long section in documentation about this - Here I want to give just a quick example of how you can make a UDF which enables some fucntionality which can be really useful in some cases, but missing out of the box - sleep() function. […]