Beta testers wanted for pseudo-sharding

Hi folks. As you probably know in 4.0.2 we released pseudo-sharding which lets you parallelize your non-full-text query instantly to all your CPU cores. It’s good for purely analytical queries (w/o full-text), but doesn’t take any effect for most queries the people send to Manticore. 🔥 BUT  recently we implemented pseudo-sharding for full-text which makes Read more about Beta testers wanted for pseudo-sharding[…]

SSL support: HTTPS interface

In Manticore 3.1.2 was added support for data encryption between your application or another client (curl, browser etc) and Manticore Search daemon. It's important to have it enabled if you need to protect your data (queries, responses) from interception inside your local network and especially if you connect to Manticore Search over the internet. Setting it up requires using certificates. Below is just an example of how it can be done with self-signed certificates, there may be other options like purchasing certificates signed by a real CA.

In this tutorial, we will study how to use SSL in work with Manticore Search.

In case if you want to go through an interactive course, go here.